Getting Around Boston

Rent a Car
Driving in Boston is a nightmare, plain and simple. The streets are not laid out in a grid pattern like most other major cities in the United States. They weave and overlap, causing headaches for lost drivers trying to find their way. The parking in the city is horrendous. There is very little of it, and the parking that is available costs an arm and a leg. Try to avoid driving in Boston if at all possible. If this is the option that best suits your needs then you may reserve your rental car easily online.

This is one of the best options for those who want to get around downtown Boston. The downtown is very compact and packed with many historical sites within walking distance of each other. The streets are clean and safe with an abundance of lovely architecture to look at while walking through the city.

Public Transportation
The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) runs all of the public transportation options in Boston. There are four subway lines operated by the MBTA that will get visitors to any area of Boston they need to go except for a few isolated pockets of the suburbs.

The buses are a little slower than the subway, but they can many times get riders a little closer to their destinations than the subway. They are also less expensive than the subway, and the view is much nicer from a bus than being underground on the subway.
Many visitors will get a kick out of the water shuttles that are run by the MBTA. They get people quickly from one part of Boston harbor to another, and the views from the ferry decks of the city skyline are amazing.

The town is a great place to ride a bike. The roads and drivers are bicycle-friendly, and the flat nature of the city makes it a breeze to pedal around town. Most forms of the MBTA welcome bike riders. Most buses have bike racks for riders to store their bikes when travelling from one area of the city to another.

This is the most expensive cab system in the country, even more so than New York City. The taxis are mostly clean and the drivers are friendly, but a ride of any significant length costs an arm and a leg. The driver will expect a tip as well. Try to avoid taxis in Boston if at all possible. The only time public transportation isn’t running is from 1-4 AM, so try to limit taxi usage to these hours.